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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Terrorist Cells will hit here:

A memo points out the Al Qaeda targets for the units in the West. Source: ‘Maaskar Al Battar’, military journal of Al Qaeda.
(Translated from the 8/11 paper edition of Panorama).

1) Hitting economical targets in order to cause withdrawal of foreign capital from local markets, and annulment of all economic procceds in the areas where the attacks will occur (Ex. According to Al Qaeda the Madrid attacks served to damage the European economy).

The attacks would hit:

a. The ‘Occupying Forces’ in Islamic countries.
b. Multinational Associations.
c. Experts and economy personell.
d. Sources of income for the ‘Crucified Nations’.
e. Suppliers of raw material ‘Robbed from the Muslims’.
f. Jews who work in the economy sector.

2) Human Targets:

a. Jews.
b. Christians, in the following order: Americans, Brits, Spaniards, Australian, Canadian and Italian.
Amongst these, the targets will be: men who work in the business sector, diplomats, politicians, intellectuals, annalists, places ‘where politics take place’, scientists, Officers and military in general, tourists and vacation spots.
c. ‘Muslim Traitors’, in particular those who support Jewish and Christian governments, like the Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, the intellectuals, the spies and the security forces.

3) Religious Targets. They are generally discouraged, aside for a few cases:

a. When they try to suppress Islamic societies
b. When there are cases of espionage, disguised as religious activity
c. When priests or nuns preach against Islam or Muslims.
d. When Jews and Christians begin to support economically, militarily, or even only morally those who fight Muslims.