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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Flags and Neighbours

Our Brooklyn apartment's front door now proudly sports a small Italian flag. What do our neighbours think of this addition? Read on for part I of this exciting new series.

I meet Neighbour 1 in the elevator(Apartment facing ours. Middle aged woman):
1: (Barrage of Russian words)
Me:Ne ponimayu, sorry.
1: The flag on your door. What is it?
Me: Italian.
1: Italian! But you look Russian!
(I do look slightly slavic, but nothing to write home about)
Me: I'm from Italy.
1: You don't look Italian!
Me: That's because my parents are not Italian. But I was born there.
1: So you keep flag for memory of place you were born? )sic)
Me: Yes. I grew up there as well. I'm going for a visit soon.
1: You look Russian!

Today, elevator, Neighbour 2 (lives on same floor, other side of landing):
2: You're Irish?
Me: No, Italian.
2: Ohhh, so that's an Italian flag on your door.
Me. Yep.
2: You're the only one with a flag!
Me: Really? That's interesting.
2: Well, have an easy fast.
Me: Thanks, you too.

Actually, our flag is a gang signal.