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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I picked up my laptop from the repair station this morning. On the way out, the guy who checked my bag noticed I was all bundled up (it snowed earlier this morning) and asked if it was still very cold outside.

Me: Oh yes, it's cold.
Him: Do you like it when it is this cold?
Me: I like the cold, but not when it's too cold. Where I come from, it doesn't get this cold.
Him: Oh, where are you from?
Me: Italy
Him: Belize?
Me: Italy
Me: Well take care, have a nice day

As I exited the store, a well dressed middle aged man came running after me.

Man: (In Italian) You're from Italy?
Me (mildly surprised) Yes...are you?
Man:Yes, where from?
Me: Rome.
Man: Me too...well I've been in Venice for some time but I'm from Rome. Piacere....Renato (I didn't give my name, why do people bother to introduce themselves while knowing they'll never be seeing you again?)
Me: Nice...do you live in NY?
Man: No, just here on business. And you, you live here?
Me: Yes
Man: I see... so what brought you here?
Me: (shrugging)Work....got married... (I am about to turn the corner)
Man: Ah well, good luck and have a nice day as they say here!
Me: Thanks, you too...